Smith Cup & Plate - Quarter Final Results
Category : General League News
Results have now been received for all the quarter final matches of the Smith Cup & Plate competitions and can be accessed via the drop down menu on the left. Six of the eight matches were played within an eighteen points winning margin with the closest match between Elstow F v Elstow D where the latter won by just five points. The final match of this encounter was between 11 year old Freya Opperman and the vastly more experienced Kerr Clement. Despite the vast difference in experience Freya only just lost -9, 8, -8, -3 giving their higher ranked team the match all determined on the last game. A very credible achievement to the handicapper, Elstow's Dave Thomas, who knew the two teams very well. Elstow D's Mark White caused the most damage for the higher ranked team and Freya Opperman was the star performer for the F team which included an 8, 10, 10, -3 win against Patrick Lyall and an -7, -4, -0, -5 loss against Mark White.