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2017-18 Season > General League News > 2018-19 Divisional Format - Some Background
2018-19 Divisional Format - Some Background

Further to the posting of the divisional structure for 2018/2019, it is felt that some explanation may be required. As informed at the Annual General Meeting there were 45 teams entered for next season a reduction of two teams from last season. Three options for a divisional structure were reviewed by the League Committee: 6 divisions (3x8, 3x7)); 5 divisions (2x11, 2x8, 1x7); and 4 divisions (1x12, 3x11). The Committee voted unanimously for a 4 division structure. The main factors influencing this decision were:
1. It maximises the number of matches played by teams in all divisions within the constraints imposed by the length of the season.
2. It provides a larger number and variety of opponents for each team within all divisions.
3. Because teams will only play each other twice and not three times, it evens up the home/away fixtures to 1 home and 1 away instead of the imbalance (2 to 1) that we have had in recent years.

I hope that all teams will see the advantages of this structure and will enjoy the coming season.

The season will start on 10 September 2018. A fixtures schedule will be posted on the web shortly.

Please do not forget to renew your Table Tennis England membership before playing any League matches.
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